An Interview With The Creator Of ‘Eyewash’

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from an exclusive interview I conducted with myself
regarding the creation of Eyewash.

Me: So, why did you create Eyewash?

Me: Great question. You are intelligent and incredibly handsome. Well, as far back as I can
remember, I’ve always had little jokes bouncing around in my head. These constant puns and
gags can make it hard for me to engage in a conversation longer than 15 seconds, but if I say
some of them out loud they occasionally make other people laugh. I’ve always looked for an
outlet through which I could express these thoughts, having created countless doodles, comics,
animations, essays, scripts, routines, etc. as a hobby throughout most of my life.

During the pandemic, I had some extra time and decided to put all of my focus into creating a
one-panel comic strip packed with bold, simple art – I’m clearly not a professional artist – and
pithy punchlines. After a limited release of rough drafts in 2021 achieved some positive reviews,
I relaunched in April 2022 on Instagram, Webtoon, Twitter, and Facebook, where I’ve attracted
thousands of followers and racked up tons of encouraging feedback.

Prior to Eyewash, I created several limited-run comic strips dating back to Hoffstra, which I
produced in 2006 with a good friend who had a similar sense of humor. It was never posted
online and consisted only of copies we distributed to our friends, many of whom were depicted
as caricatures. This was obviously never intended to be a serious project, but it resulted in a
desire to continue creating comics. As for the name Eyewash, I figured we see enough garbage
in the news and on social media each day, so I hoped my comics could be a refreshing splash
of levity. Also, “eyewash” can sometimes be used to mean “nonsense,” which is honestly a more
apt interpretation.

It’s worth noting that my career started as a reporter for several daily newspapers and I’ve
always had an affinity for the industry. While most people don’t receive a physical newspaper
anymore, they still want to access the same content online. For me, the best section of any
newspaper was always the comics – even if my byline was on the front page. Fortunately, comic
creators are keeping the craft alive and thriving in the digital age, and I hope Eyewash will be a
part of that tradition.

Anyway, I’m hogging this interview, aren’t I? Is there anything else you wanted to ask?

Me: No, you’ve been perfect as always.

Me: Right back at ya.